Difficult People is a story about two men, in the most tender and vulnerable form away from all the stereotypes about masculinity in the contemporary culture.

Director’s Statement


I wanted to tell a story about two people who are conflicting to each other in terms of their ideologies but are strangely connected by their grief and stubbornness. When I look at my relationship with my father retrospectively, I feel that we both were right in our own ways but as two strong-headed people who have difficulty in expressing the feelings, we made simple things more difficult.

Within a recent couple of years, Mumbai streets and neighbourhoods are flourishing with the street art and graffitis. The early seed behind making the protagonist, a graffiti artist was planted in my head when I met and spent time with multiple graffiti artists three years back and talked with them about their art as well as their personal lives. Inspired by real-life stories ‘Difficult People’ tries to provide an intimate portrayal of the graffiti artists personal life. Use of realism in Satyajit Ray’s films to depict lives of ordinary people and expressively crafted scenes of Paul Thomas Anderson are my cinematic influences.

Mumbai is a city full of economic disparity and visual diversity which has polar opposites ranging from new skyscrapers, old colonial structures to largest slums in Asia. I thought of using this characteristic of the city to reflect on two opposite and conflicting characters of father and son. The old house where they live and the vast ever-changing city around them where son is trying to explore his art.